eToro Reviews

eToro is one of the biggest CFD trading platforms, but you can also buy and withdraw real crypto on their platform if you meet a couple of conditions:
- minimum withdrawal amount is 0.008 BTC
- crypto must be bought with a bank transfer deposit
- you must at least have a bronze level eToro Club account (if I understand correctly, everybody with less than $5000 in their trading account is automatically a bronze level member)

The platform is generally quite easy to use, but some important features are quite hard to find, e.g. the feature to withdraw crypto.
Furthermore, some features may be a bit confusing at first. For instance, it's important to know that when you want sell crypto that's already in your trading account, you need to "close" the trade and not open a new "sell" trade (otherwise you have two open trades).

eToro's support website is very good and provides info on most issues. I also contacted support to withdraw crypto and received a helpful reply within a day.

they are on of the biggest players and they also act like that. It is not really friendly for beginners, they have a high minimum order and the whole system is complicated to start with. They do have fairly responsive support, so that is a bonus!