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The company at all costs is avoiding to make clear the country in which it is registered - Lithuania.
You have to think twice before starting the verification process, one of its main objectives is the collection of personal and fiscal data.
Transparency? - Forget!
It does not exist for them, they believe a great thing and bet on the laziness of these who have tried to be their clients, it seems that some bank of Lithuania is behind that, but it is also not to give confidence based on the experience we have had with them.
Take your time, investigate and be very careful before you share personal data with any of the niche if you are not available risk risking a rather unpleasant surprise,

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La compañia a todo costo esta evitando a dejar claro el pais en cual esta registrada - Lithuania.
Hay que pensárselo dos veces antes a empezar el proceso de verificación, un de sus objetivos principales suyos es la recaudación de datos personales y fiscales.
¿Transparecia? - ¡Olvídate!
No existe para ellos, se creen una gran cosa y apuestan por la pereza de estos que han intentado que sean clientes suyos, parece que algun banco de Lithuania esta detras de eso, pero tampoco es de dar confianza en base de la experencia que hemos tenido con ellos.
Tomate tu tiempo, investigar y mucha precaución antes que compartes datos personales con cualquiera del nicho si no estas disponible arriesgarte a dar con una sorpresa bastante desagradable,

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"Absolute SCAM / ZERO TRUST"
Guys, think serious before going to pay anything to "CoinGate" or even any of their merchants.

They provide ZERO support on any payment done through their gateways, whatever website you purchase item or service can just withdraw the money and run, disappear.

In our experience, I paid $400 for a service via bitcoin, next they they disappeared. while coin-gate was aware of this, they did nothing day after day and their terms and conditions are designed to screw the buyer at the end.

worst payment gateway to rely on at all.

this is their final reply after a week, and not giving any details what so ever to find the merchant. sure they have the contact and that merchant is still doing this scam, both happy to screw more people, they just collect their fees and don't care.

CoinGate payment gateway is broken or something [BTC Lightning]
I brought something on a website that use CoinGate for payment processor.

Here what append :

- I choose Bitcoin Lightning
- I copied there lightning invoice in my Eclair full node "Send Payment"
- I pressed send

The payment went thru instantly and I received the Payment PreImage (from what I understand is the proof that the payment when thru and that all nodes where able to unlock there fund). But there payment page did not update after they got the payment and eventually expired.

Support did not fix it and after I did answer, I got no response after more than 24 hours. Also they are indirectly told me to send another payment after they lost/stole the first one... With a different option in my send payment settings??!!