While Coinbase' standard service is intended for the broader masses, the Pro branding is targeting crypto traders by offering a professional trading interface and lower fees.

$10 bonus for your first purchase worth $100+


  • Instant Verification
  • Integrated Wallet
  • Business Accounts
  • Affiliate Program
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Cold Storage
Bitcoin Bitcoin $38,359.38
Ethereum Ethereum $2,508.48
Ripple (XRP) Ripple (XRP)
Cardano Cardano $1.36
Tezos Tezos $3.06
Chainlink Chainlink $23.90
Litecoin Litecoin $138.89
Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens $0.27
EOS EOS $4.04
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $538.98
Dogecoin Dogecoin $0.20
Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token $0.64
Polkadot Polkadot $17.35
Uniswap Uniswap $21.35
Aave Aave $308.44
Maker Maker $2,777.16
Zcash Zcash $114.42
Filecoin Filecoin $54.74
Solana Solana $33.95
SEPA Credit Transfer
Bank Transfer
SEPA Credit Transfer
Bank Transfer
Trading fee 0.50%

2.8 / 5

9 user ratings

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User Reviews

Someone is going to come along and knock them out of the box, so to speak, in my opinion, for a few reasons. First and foremost they have little to no response to customer service and all of a sudden my bank transfer purchases were not an option so I had to add my debit. Well for debit they charge me 3.99% NOT 1.99%. 2% makes a difference in this market and when I tried contacting them-- nothing. Even though my bank account is totally legit, the site won't verify it again, leaving me in 3.99% hell. As I said, just waiting for Robinhood or another option because when it comes along I and everyone else will be gone. Also, after reading the Bitcoin Cash debacle and Litecoin theories about insider trading makes me more unhappy. And, to top that off, explain why they get 3.99% AND charge more than the going rate when you go to purchase bitcoin. The buffer is ridiculous and amount unjustified.

Verified Purchase Verified User

GDAX has a nice trading UI and you get familiar to it pretty fast, even if you didn't have traded before. The most important trading features are there: market order, limit orders and stop orders. There is no margin trading, though (You shouldn't do margin trading as a beginner anyway).

If you are already verified on CoinBase, no additional verification is required. Plus, you can transfer your fiat assets between CoinBase and GDAX instant and without any fees.

Verified Purchase

Kinda annoyed they held onto my BTC transaction for 4 days when i first signed up! The whole point of BTC is it is our money! Apart from that everything else is OK. Made me a bit nervous them holding onto my money for 4 days - Longer than a traditional bank!!!!

Verified User

So i bought some bitcoin from coinbase pro 20k worth and started trading for 2 weeks. Net net was i lost after lots of trades £250k's worth and then eventually it came good and sold to recoup what id put in..
then i try and buy in again and they blocked me. absolutely no idea why and no explanation given!!
Heres what they said...

Furthermore, Coinbase reviewed your account and has determined that you are not eligible to use the Coinbase platform to purchase cryptocurrency or use our deposit services. As such, you are no longer eligible to link any payment methods. We are not able to provide you with any additional information.
be careful people..

For German not usable or at your own risk, due to the terms and conditions. Coinbase reserves the right to close German accounts for no reason.

Quote in German:
"Coinbase's website and services are not offered to persons resident or registered in Germany Coinbase's services are provided by Coinbase UK, Ltd., a UK-based company Coinbase UK, Ltd is not regulated financial services provider and does not operate outside the UK. "

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Für deutsche nicht brauchbar oder auf eigene Gefahr, auf Grund der AGBs. Coinbase behält sich vor deutsche Konten ohne Grund zu schließen.

Zitat auf deutsch:
"Die Webseite und Dienstleistungen von Coinbase werden nicht für Personen angeboten, die ihren Wohnsitz oder ihren registrierten Arbeitsplatz in Deutschland haben. Die Dienste von Coinbase werden von Coinbase UK, Ltd. angeboten, einer im Vereinigten Königreich ansässigen Firma. Coinbase UK, Ltd ist kein regulierter Finanzdienstleister und operiert nicht außerhalb des Vereinigten Königreichs."

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So let me say they have a lot of room for improvement! With as much business as they have they should be cutting down on the basic coinbase fees
Their value is in how Very Simple it is to set up and User Interface. I will say when your average 40-60 year old who has minimum computer experience decided to invest with crypto, It will either be with a broker or Coinbase. Very simple to use and understand for our technically challenged baby boomers. I agree with @abomadje that someone and it will be sooner than later, will come and in a 3 move checkmate takeout CB Revealing their hand when the additional crypto coins besides the original 5, in the proceess they were added was at the least a desperate attempt to "keep up" at best. They are huge and have branding established but all it will take is a couple of shiny new features and the right timing marketing on the next run, can make CB a memory of the past..

Verified User

Customer service is very bad. Otherwise an Exchange like any other. Due to the experience of coinbase, I remain loyal to the Exchange

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Kundenservice ist sehr mies. Ansonsten eine Exchange wie jede andere. Aufgrund der Erfahrung von coinbase bleibe ich der Exchange treu

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Don't let yourself be fooled by the pro, it is a premium and support does get bettter but it does have much of thesame issues regular coinbase fases, not to say it sucks or whatever, it's a good alternative, but manage your expectations about it.

Recommended. The surface is ok and should be understandable even for beginners. The verification was smooth and fast. The fees are absolutely ok, although Binance is even cheaper. For coinbase pro offers the possibility of payment in EUR, etc.! I can not accept the objection of Flury, since one should reasonably not leave his coins permanently at a stock exchange, but always transfers asap into his wallet! Because, not your keys, not your coins!
All in all, I am very satisfied with coinbase PRO!

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Empfehlenswert. Die Oberfläche ist ok und sollte auch für Anfänger verständlich sein. Die Verifizierung erfolgte reibungslos und schnell. Die Gebühren sind absolut ok wenngleich Binance noch günstiger ist. Dafür bietet coinbase pro die Möglichkeit der Auszahlung in EUR usw.! Den Einwand von Flury kann ich nicht gelten lassen, da man vernünftigerweise sowieso sein Coins nicht dauerhaft bei einer Börse liegen lassen sollte, sondern immer asap in seine Wallet überträgt! Because, not your Keys not your Coins!
Alles in Allem bin ich sehr zufrieden mit coinbase PRO!

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