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HitBTC Reviews

Tried many exchanges but in the end, I decided to opt for HitBTC - this exchange contains a set of basic and necessary tools, combined with ease of use.

I've been living on this platform for over three years. And during our productive cooperation may be a couple of times there was a small delay in payment and I received letters of apology. Guys go ahead and continue as well to work well. Good luck.

Like the variety of traiding pairs here. HitBTC has more than 777!

Withdrawal is OK here. And I also like this great variety of cryptos which you can buy or trade. All in all I give HitBTC 4 stars out of 5.

HitBTC has been on the market for many years, but I cannot recommend them as they have a somewhat bad image. Their support is also very unfriendly and unresponsive and their affiliates have been scammed for many months (not receiving any refferal statistics or payouts).

HitBTC is an big exchange with many trading pairs for your portfolio. The problem is they are not to be trusted. They will freez you account with no warning when you most need to buy a dip or sell on top. They also manipulate with pump and dump where the looser always are the costumers.

For some reason I like this exchange more than others. I don't even know why, maybe I just got used to it. It's a reliable one.

I’ve sent the deposit without memo specified: team helped me to locate it and credited to the account in a few days. Never seen such a fast service o another exchanges.

This exchange is quite easy in use. The interface is also very pleasent and the toolkit has almost any instrument you'd want.

Was going to try this out because I really want one of the tokens they have, but the site was super clunky and the fees were ultimately way to high as I wasn't looking to spend that much money investing in the token, at least not yet. Why are the fees so high?