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HitBTC Reviews

If I wanted to describe Hitbtc in two words, then I would say this: reliability and many currencies (ok, not two words, but whatever)

I trade here some currencies. It is convenient for me to do this here because the fees for these currencies here are rather low, compared to other exchanges where I used to trade before.
Every day I save, probably, 50 dollars on fees only.

This exchange has grown up. I remembered 2 years ago, it was not so famous, but now everyone knows Hitbtc. This exchange is similar to other top-exchanges, but there is one difference - a huge number of currencies. In addition, there are a lot of different tokens here. I mostly buy them here.

Trade with limit orders!! You won't HAVE TO pay fees for this, plus you will get 0.01% of the amount of your transaction. Where else have you seen this? Love Hitbtc!

I use this service for about two months. Deposits were made with LISK, LTC, BTC. In different time periods, the last was the longest, around 25 minutes. Output has not tried, I think there will be no problems. I believe that in most cases, all the problems arise because of, so to speak, the human factor. Check all ten times.

All I find here is a great variety of currencies and a good customer service...