Bitfinex Reviews

For me the Bitfinex interface was a bit overwhelming at first but it pays off to learn how to navigate through the site since they oftentimes have the best available price for a large range of traded cryptocurrencies. Also, it’s one of the few places where you can buy IOTA directly for fiat money.

Bitfinex is targeted towards pros and has a steep learning curve. I nevertheless like Bitfinex as it‘s very reliable and has some of the best prices and low fees.
However, recenty Bitfinex tries to get rid of small investors, e.g. by freezing the accounts of new users until they deposited currencies worth at least $10k. Therefore, it‘s probably not the right place for non-professional traders. Also, support requests can take some time (> 1 week).

A support team very helpful and fast to answer, a wide range of high-quality assets to trade, their platform and API are really sophisticated makes it very easy to use!

Their slow verification system and the 10K USD equity requirement needed to trade which is too high for starting users.Summary:
I simply love Bitfinex I've never had a single problem using them since January 2017, in my opinion, they're better than Binance their rival. If you are new to crypto exchanges but have the money I suggest you start on Bitfinex, I'm sure you will love it here.

Is repeatedly in the criticism because of questionable machinations. Fiat payouts have recently been blocked. Even if their partner bank has problems, this is a NoGo for such a big stock market. They have to solve this differently!

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Steht zum wiederholte male in der Kritik wegen Fragwürdiger Machenschaften. Fiat Auszahlungen wurden kürzlich blockiert. Auch wenn deren Partnerbank Probleme hat ist das für so eine große Börse ein NoGo. Das müssen sie anders lösen!

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