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What are the different types of bank transfers?

SWIFT is a global standard for sending payment instructions and messages. Global bank transfers rely on the SWIFT network to transfer payment instructions such as bank transfers. SEPA is an European standard for bank transfers denominated in Euro. SEPA improves money transfer time, reduces fees, and facilitates money transfers through uniform bank account numbers.

Advantages of buying cryptocurrencies with SEPA or SWIFT

SEPA euro transfers and SWIFT bank transfers are usually the lowest cost way to transfer money. Therefore, several exchanges offer a free or low-cost deposit using bank transfer. SEPA or SWIFT are very often the only payout method if you want to sell cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of buying cryptocurrencies with SEPA or SWIFT

Bank transfers using SEPA usually require up to three business days to settle. SWIFT payments can require even more time to settle. Considering the high volatility of cryptocurrency assets, this can lead in significant price changes of the coins you want to purchase.

Which cryptocurrencies can I buy with SEPA or SWIFT?

With SEPA and SWIFT you can buy the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Monero. Please check our exchange and broker detail pages to learn more.