SpectroCoin Reviews

SpectroCoin is a great starting point for beginners as it is very easy to use and offered in multiple languages. They currently offer Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and NEM and have a very large number of accepted fiat currencies and payment methods. I hope they soon implement price charts as it would provide a more dynamic feel to the website.

It's definitely a legit service provider, one of the few crypto debit card companies that actually have a working prepaid card. However, pay attention to the fees as you are using the service. BTC withdrawal fees must be at least 0.002 which is labeled as a "network fee". However, we all know network fees are dynamic, moreover now (oct 2018) they are pretty low. Stay alert. Bypass the BTC fees by withdrawing altcoins, see details here: https://coinvigilance.com/spectrocoin-review/