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Coinbase Reviews

Coinbase is a good place to buy cryptocurrencies if you are new to crypto or just want to buy and hold crypto for the long-term. It has a beautiful and user-friendly UI and has a decent selection of payment methods.

If you want to trade more actively you can use your Coinbase account to trade on their exchange GDAX which has lower fees and more advanced features.

Coinbase is good, as long as you don't need the support. My account balance showed up as negative because of a bug in their wallet. Because of the supposedly negative balance I was not able to withdraw any funds. It took CoinBase 7 months and 4 support tickets to finally solve the issue. Support tickets are getting ignored or replied by bots. It is very hard to get through to a human supporter.

As a beginner in cryptotrading I turned to Coinbase second (after having used Virwox first with the SLL step-up construction).
I have to say that I did NOT like waiting 3 days for my first transaction to confirm my bank account, even after jumping though all the hoops of confirming my identity and such. I understand that it's all for my own (assets') security and all but I mean, opening a proper bank account is easier and faster, right...
Anyway, buying cryptocurrencies is, in fact, instant, as advertised, with a disclaimer it might take a day(!) and with a what I find pretty high trading fee (although still a bit cheaper than using the SLL structure on Virwox).

I trust eventual future transactions using CC or iDeal will go smoother.

Gilt das Gleiche, was ich zu Coinbase pro geschrieben hatte. Für deutsche nur auf eigene Gefahr benutzbar.

Zitat auf deutsch:
"Die Webseite und Dienstleistungen von Coinbase werden nicht für Personen angeboten, die ihren Wohnsitz oder ihren registrierten Arbeitsplatz in Deutschland haben. Die Dienste von Coinbase werden von Coinbase UK, Ltd. angeboten, einer im Vereinigten Königreich ansässigen Firma. Coinbase UK, Ltd ist kein regulierter Finanzdienstleister und operiert nicht außerhalb des Vereinigten Königreichs."