BC Bitcoin Reviews

Hard to put into words what this company has done for me myself really personal to be honest so will keep it short, I have worked with theses guys since february 2018 and got to know them so well not only have i bought and sold huge amounts of crypto with them they have supported me knowing i have been through such a tough time being on the ball helping me out swiftly when my son had his heart transplant each day and now my plan with the homeless and speak to them and do business on a day to day basis...

What an amazing company... Highly Recommended...

Customer service is prioritised above all else.

I have had multiple transactions with BC Bitcoin, and every single time they have come through fabulously for me - I wouldn't go anywhere else to buy my crypto. The amount of support they offer, even on weekends, is outstanding. I have recommended them to several friends and family members, with absolute peace of mind, because I know they are in exceptionally safe hands.

Very well done to you guys at BC Bitcoin. Keep up the fantastic work! It's a pleasure doing business with you.

I have only just started dealing with cryptocurrency as a total beginner. Went online and BC Bitcoin were one of the recommended UK companies. I was so sceptical and cautious as to where my money was going and what I was going to receive.....if anything at all. I had needn't have worried. Transfer went through ok, and Luke even mailed me to say they couldn't verify my wallet so only sent a handful of coins. I confirmed they had been received ok and Luke sent the balance, which he also asked to advise if they were received ok. Excellent service as I am a newcomer. Will definitely be using again and highly recommend.

I have done many transactions in buying crypto coins from BC bitcoin and I have noticed exceptional customer service from Tyler Smith and Luke flowers .. They are very professional and get the transaction completed without any delays and always helped me to buy at a very competitive price . I’m extremely satisfied with their customer service. I can already see BC bitcoin stays as one of the top two UK based crypto trading platform which is highly trustworthy, quick processing of transactions and exceptional customer service. I highly recommend BC Bitcoin to everybody !!!

After a year in the crypto space I was pointed in the direction of BCBitcoin and for the past 3 years I have used no other exchange. I work professionally with bitcoin and the service I get from the guys is phenomenal, always quick, secure and most trusted and I can personally get hold of them if I need it. I recommend my clients use them and i can rest assured that they too will get excellent service and support.
Thank you BCBitcoin for always doing such a great job and upholding exceptional standards. I appreciate all you do.

The employees at this company are amazing. I cannot praise them enough to their ease of use and customer service. The instructions on the website on how to purchase or sell are all set up in a step-by-step, easy to follow along fashion. As well as clearly displaying all the prices. Even if you manage to mess up along the way like me. You will have a friendly, helpful member of staff, call you almost instantly to guide you through the process. The service itself is executed perfectly, and I’d recommend anyone interested in investing into cryptocurrency to use BC Bitcoin. I don’t normally review companies or services, but these guys have been outstanding and do genuinely go out of their way to make sure their customers get their transaction completed.