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Cryptoradar is a leading cryptocurrency exchange comparison website. We help hundreds of thousands investors make sense of cryptocurrency markets, and make better informed investment decisions by providing a transparent and unbiased platform anyone can understand.

We believe that blockchain technology is a unique chance for humanity to democratize access to information and to make the financial system fair, inclusive, and to benefit the whole society. Cryptoradar is our personal contribution to achieving this goal.

Our Team

Being headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, the Cryptoradar team is spread remotely across Europe, from Germany, to Austria, to Lithuania, and made up of industry experts and tech entrepreneurs with backgrounds in Finance, Consumer Apps, Digital Health, SaaS, and more.

Oliver Korda, MSc

Oliver came across Bitcoin towards the end of 2013, about a year after completing his undergraduate degree at WU Vienna. As early as 2014 he started to mine the first altcoins with a rig he builtwith his dad. Shortly after completing his master's degree in Entrepreneurship in Sweden, Oliver started as the sixth employee at Bitpanda, Austria's leading retail trading platform for digital assets. Oliver’s next career move landed him in the business development and innovation department of the Raiffeisen banking group, where he was instrumental in shaping the group’s digital banking offering. At Cryptoradar he leads Business Development & Partnerships.

Josef Moser, MSc

Josef started his career as an educated software developer and business consultant. From 2013 to 2015, he worked as an Security & Risk Management Consultant for the European IT services powerhouse, Atos. After completing his master's degree in Entrepreneurship at Lund University, he became a full-time portfolio entrepreneur, co-founding several companies including Cora Health, Swiftware Solutions and Cryptoradar. He first came in touch with blockchain technology in the early days of Ethereum during the crowdfunding campaign for The DAO. Josef leads Growth Marketing at Cryptoradar.

Josias Montag, MSc

Josias founded his first company in 2010 while still in school, and has bootstrapped several websites and SaaS services since then. His projects ClipConverter, DocDroid and CloudConvert belong to the top 1000 most visited websites worldwide. While expanding his company he completed his master’s degree in Information Systems at the Technical University Munich. As a tech enthusiast Josias became interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2016. Josias leads Technology at Cryptoradar.

Accolades & Press Mentions

Cryptoradar has been featured in some of the most reputable sources in the tech and crypto universe.

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